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Academic Projects

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Project Name Project Type
Coding StorybookInteraction Design Project

Educator has found it difficult to teach computing to early childhood children who best learn through image and texts, to solve this challenge, I worked with a group of team members to find teaching computing in a different method where we explore storytelling, computing and physical computing. 

I worked on the designing of the storybook where the book cover was designed using an A4 size fiberboard cut out with the help of Laser Cutting Machine. I also work on researching the best model of control for the physical horse through the use of Arduino and Janson Walking Mechanism for the animal robot project. 

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Complete Project Outlook
Project Name Project Type
Talking Drum Interaction Design Project

Projects Technologies & Tools

  • Stepper Motors
  • Arduino
  • Laser Cutting Machine
  • Acrylic
  • African Talking Drum 

Project Story

During a conversation with my Electronic Instructor, Wayne Seltzer, I explained how my tribe – Yoruba used to communicate in the past through the use of Talking Drum and he was surprised that the talking drum could be used for such an important purpose. Shortly before our conversation, we were all brainstorming on what project to do next, and that was how this past conversation led us to a project on talking drum. 

The question, how do we get people to interact with a talking drum by utilising the knowledge gained in the electronic class birth the talking drum project and it was a project where we have to work on a lot of constraints while not neglecting our collective rapid prototyping skills. 

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Project Name Project Type
Project PointillismCreative Technology & Electronic

I explored pointillism using a new medium and methodology where Acrylic was used as the canvas where the dotted image is drawn on. I used Adobe Illustrator to draw a hole of 3mm x 3mm which was later cut out using a laser cutting machine. 

The image dotted Acrylic was further filled with some bunch of LEDs which was eventually powered by 12V power source. The project documentation can be found here.


While auditing a class in color in the Fall of 2017, I was trying to find a central repository of articles, videos, and podcasts that all talks about color but I could not find one, so I decided to make one happen and this led me to an almost dead platform that documented details about colors and this project can be found here. 


Project Name Project Type
XamudaIVR System for Agricultural Extension

More than 80 percent of the people living in rural centres in developing countries are poor and a considerable number of these people are farmers, while there has been considerable investment in the training of these farmers through extension services, it was widely reported that the majority of these government and international organization funded extension services failed. 

I tried to take a different perspective in providing extension services to the farmers in these regions by designing a self-funded IVR system which provides a paid extension services to the farmers. 

The project paper can be accessed here while the code was documented here and hosted here

Work Portfolio/Projects


iFollow the Money – An online knowledge-based community for people who are interested in Transparency and Accountability in Africa and beyond. I designed and managed this project while working as the Community Manager for Connected Development where I was responsible for the capacity building of the journalists and activists that are engaging with the platform. I write blogs, how-tos, did screencasting as well as engaging and onboarding users on the platform. 

Through collaboration with my team members, I was able to grow the platform to more than 1800 users before my resignation in July 2018. 


I deployed a Ushahidi platform that allows for the mapping and documenting of police human right abuse to Nigerians and citizen human right to the police. The data/reports from this project were used as a learning document by NOPRIN to approach the Nigerian Government on changing the country Policing Policy so that the police can work for the people. 



  • Unayard – This was a project/startup I did with my boss which was supposed to be a place to find artisans within and around Nigeria. It failed due to the reason I later knew when deep diving into technology. 
  • FaceTanke – This was a project that I built while in the University when I was trying to build a mini social media that students can use as a means of information dissemination and for gisting. I later learnt that I do not have the financial power nor the negotiating power to launch the project despite how much my potential users love the project. 
  • NaijaTechSpot – One of my first few projects that made me realised how important it is to reach out to people, it failed before it started, and I became wiser in dealing with projects. I was able to test drive Google Business on this domain when GBiz was the craze of the town. 


Posts I authored for Connected Development can be found here

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