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IRC Data Analyst Prompt

The role is Product Manager & Data Analyst, you can find the Product Manager prompt solution here. I will be working with the Data and Operation Excellence Team for the International Rescue Committee.

Prompt: Analyzing Data

Duration: 30 minutes

Role: Data Analyst

The Data Brief:

The image below shows a table (metric of Assets in Service by each country in West Africa) from the Power BI Country Scorecards Data Dashboard, for Supply Chain. Write a succinct email written to our Chief Supply Chain Officer with an analysis of the table of data (e.g. historical trends, country-by-country, data quality) and list assumptions. Please identify which countries have made the greatest improvements, and which countries may require more support or may have had contextual factors that
impacted their ability to improve.


Downward Trend

Upward Trend

No Trend


From the graphs on the Downward trends, we can see that Mali and Cameroon have a downward slope with Cameroon racing the highest down the slopes. According to the country report on Cameroon on the IRC website, it was noted that there was an attack on civilians in the south-west and north-west region of the country. While this should have increased the assets-in-used in this region, it turns out there was no recorded data for May and July.

From the Upward trends graphs, Sierra Leone recorded no data for Q2, the assets-in-used in this country are increasing, and the last quarter has a bit of a downward curve, as such, this country could require some support.

Chad made greater improvements, though there is no recorded data for the month of February and March.

Countries like Niger, Nigeria, Liberia, and Cote D’Ivoire have stagnant upward trends for the whole financial year, though Cote d’Ivoire has a slight downward trend towards the end of the financial year.

From the beginning of the financial year, through the end, Burkina Faso recorded no data whatsoever. According to Burkina Faso’s country report on the IRC website, it was reported that;

  • IRC mobilizes a global response team to combat the spread of Coronavirus on March 16, 2020.
  •  The IRC is alarmed about the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian crisis in the Central Sahel states of Burkina Faso and other countries like Mali and Niger. 

And in the same year, while Mali has a downward trend on its assets-in-use, Niger has an upward trend and Burkina Faso, despite being in crisis, maintained no recorded data.

As such, I would recommend that Niger and Mali be critically observed as to why there are opposite assets-in-use trends and also, utmost attention should be paid to Burkina Faso while the Supply Chain department provides the country with more support to utilize their assets-in-use for the people who needed it the most, most importantly, at this critical time of need.

Reflection & Assumption:

To be more contextual about the interpretation of the data analysis, I had to mine through the company website to look for in-country events that may likely affect the trends of the Assets-in-service, while I am not sure if this truly affects the trends, knowing life-changing events could affect trends made me make this assumption.

The hiring manager didn’t ask further questions about the analysis, hence I cannot be sure of the correlation between events and trends. This analysis would require more insider context to be more useful.

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