I write about technology, media and societies.


Hey there,

Only the guy who is not rowing has the time to rock the boat, I always row, and my hands are dirty; you tell me how dirty you think they are.

But remember, the map is not the territory!


  • Working on Job to be Done article, ??click here??.
  • Secured an opportunity to contribute to the body of work on Customer Job to be Done by Alan Klement.

On Products

  • BusPrep – An eLearning platform to build the capacity of business professionals on project management.
  • Link Colorado – A web app that connects low income/homeless Coloradan to service and resources that helps them.
  • iFollow the Money – An online community for people who are holding their government accountable in order to increase government service delivery in Africa.
  • Quitschool.Co – Collection of epigrams to help student see beyond the struggles of college and finish strong.
  • Gainwaves – African journalists Database.

On Projects

  • Sentiments Analysis for Big Data Architecture [Class Project]
  • Coding Storybook – a story book to teach children computational thinking.
  • Youthful Cities Survey: A survey of youths in 85 countries in the world to measure “the city that best supports youths.”
  • GeoSpatial Mapping Survey of Financial Service Providers in Nigeria (FSPMAP) – A project of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with the Central Bank of Nigeria.
  • CWD Survey – Children with Disability Survey in selected states in Nigeria, a Project of UNICEF.

On Presentation & Facilitation

On Data Analytics

  • Designed & admitted voice of customer survey to 70k users, and investigated forum of 46k active users for SketchUp, this led to the discovery of the three core user persona and open way for a new market and product positioning.
  • Analyzed more than 150k data points to coordinate the operations of CODE in 6 states in Nigeria.


On Writing

I have more than 200 working drafts over the years, I felt they are not good enough for publishing, but recently, I have started working on them again, stay tune.

You can find most of my writings on my journals, twitter and my archive which mostly are posts on Development.

Your preparation for the real world is not in the answers you’ve learned, but in the questions you’ve learned how to ask.

Bill Watterson