I write about technology, media and societies.


The cases aren’t opened but they are laid bare, to see and think about!

How and why, thinking and working, one piece at a time – most of my project comes through constant challenging of myself and what I think I am capable of. I do not enjoy talking about my tool, for I pick the best one for the job at hand but I’m fascinated about the challenges and the steps I took in solving them.

Sometimes, I asked, why do that when you can do what everyone is doing and sometimes, I asked why not take the next challenge and see what makes your heart tick. In the middle of the work, I have felt like giving up most times, but somehow, I lasted the challenges, because I’m tougher than I tend to look.

When I look back, I want to say “I have really given everything to this, else, I am not going to start this.”

Below are some of my selected work, many which require a different version of myself, at a different speed than I am used to.

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