I write about technology, media and societies.


The unofficial bio

I love listening to people; their fears, hopes, and dreams amuse me. Most times, I want to know how they think and why they choose the blue pill instead of the red pill.

Behind every data, there is a story, the story we choose to tell (objective), and the story we choose to ignore (subjective), either through our own bias or our lack of empathy in dealing with our data, objects, customers, users, human.

Like art with its subjective and objective use, and views, there’s the story of people hidden behind these delicate and fragile systems of ours, these stories under the hood are what fascinates me the most – in short, I’m good at finding the missing patterns.

I’m passionate about the intersection of societies, technology, and media and in this passion of mine, I’ve developed the ability of a doctor who, patiently diagnoses his patient while paying homage to his system of practice.

In a chaotic world that we are, I find muse in creating balance.

The official bio

Tunde is a designer, writer, educator, and researcher with a special interest in the intersection of people, technology, and business. He has a special interest in how group/organization innovate, communicate, and most importantly how the behavior of groups change.

He was a software product manager with the SketchUp Team at Boulder, CO where he works on customer jobs to be done, and voice of customer survey to understand the underlying customer motivation. Previously, he was a consultant for Boettcher Foundation in Denver,CO where he helped craft organizational strategy for the organization’s capital grant program and the Catch Them Young scholarship program.

He worked on scaling the award-winning Follow the Money project of the Connected Development team to two African Countries and six states in Nigeria. Also, he was instrumental in the deployment of election monitoring tools in the Nigeria 2015 election and was also the creator of the iFollow the Money platform – the biggest PanAfrican community of activists in the continent.

Tunde is an Alumni of the University of Colorado at Boulder where he attained his Masters of Science in Technology, Media, and Societies with a special focus on digital product development.

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the unofficial bio is attributed to Juliet, she coined a name for it.

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